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Muhammad Asim Jamshed, Ph.D.

Software Engineer
VPC Dataplane
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Curriculum Vitae: [PDF] [PS] [TXT]
Resume (1 page): [PDF] [PS]
Profile: LinkedIn, Github, DBLP

I am a software engineer in Amazon Web Services (AWS). From 2017 till 2020, I worked in the Telco Systems Research Group, Intel Labs, with Christian Maciocco. In Spring 2017, I graduated from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) from Prof. KyoungSoo Park's lab. My research interests include design and implementation of large-scale distributed and networked systems. I am one of the lead maintainers of the mTCP and the mOS networking stack projects. I sometimes work with the group of researchers at International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) Berkeley where I also maintain packet-bricks. Some of my code patches have also made it to packETH and netmap's lb tool. I am also a committer for ONF's OMEC open source project.


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